Frequently Asked Questions
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Questions still not answered?
Christ United Methodist Church has some questions that are frequently asked of us. Perhaps some of yours may be answered below.
Do I have to be a member of Christ United Methodist Church to partake in Holy Communion?
No. The United Methodist Church invites everyone to Christ's table to receive Holy Communion. In fact it is not even necessary for you to belong to any church to receive God's grace.
Can I transfer membership from my previous church to Christ United Methodist Church?
Generally yes, a simple letter of transfer from your previous church should suffice. However, some denominations other than the United Methodist may be less than fully cooperative in providing a letter. If that is the case joining our church is a simple and uncomplicated matter. Simply discuss this with our pastor.
Does the United Methodist Church have Deacons and Elders?
In the United Methodist Church, unlike some other denominations, deacons and elders are ordained clergy. Non-clergy (lay persons) provide the vast majority of church leadership with other titles. (See Church Leaders.)
Do I have to be re-baptized to join Christ United Methodist Church?
No. The United Methodist Church belives that a person only needs to be be baptized once. If you were baptized in another church or as a child, that is sufficient. If you have not been baptized, in our church it is a simple process.
What We as United Methodists Believe
We hold true the long held foundational beliefs of all Christians around the world, meaning we serve the one true living God, through His Son Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit.
How can I be baptized?
The United Methodist Church recognizes three forms of water baptism, immersion, sprinkling, and pouring. If you have any questions about baptism, discuss this with our pastor or another church leader.
Are non-members welcome?
We were all once non-members. We would be delighted to have you worship with us at any time, membership is not a requirement, now or ever. As Christians we welcome all those who wish to have a loving, worship relationship with God through the grace He makes available to us all.