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Christ United Methodist Church
Where Jesus Christ is Lord!!

Christ United Methodist Church
200 Chapel Drive
McMinnville, TN 37110

Christ United Church of Christ
Where Jesus Christ is Lord!

That just about covers everything. And because we strive everyday to make Him Lord, Our purpose is to bring people to Christ, help them grow in their relationship with Christ, and then send them in Ministry for Christ.

We strive to provide worship, learning and outreach opportunities that inspire and motivate people to establish and grow a personal relationship with Christ and give praise and honor to Him!!

Pastor Ricky Lee
Pastor Ricky Lee

First of all, I am a born again Christian, called by God to be his minister. I am pretty easy going and love to joke and have fun. I am what you see is what you get no matter where you see me. I love my family, the United Methodist Church and most importantly, My God. I really enjoy sports, cheering for the Tennessee Vols in college sports, Chicago Cubs professional baseball (long story, ask me sometime), Green Bay packers & Tennessee Titans professional football, and L.A. Lakers professional basketball. Even though I'm easy going, there are some things I have high expectations for. I expect people to give their best for the lord whether it is in attendance at worship, giving tithes, or doing work for the church. I expect the best because I promise I will give my best.

I was raised in a Christain home. In fact, I didn't realize there were any other viable choices growing up. If I was to enter into the kingdom of Heaven, I would need to ask Christ to come into my life as my Savior. My father and mother raised all 5 of us boys in this Christian atmosphere. My father was a United Methodist pastor and pastored churches for over 30 years. His father and mother were both preachers in the Church of God of Prophecy and checking genealogy findings, preachers are throughout our bloodlines on the Lee side. I grew up in Waverly, Tennessee, and even though we didn't have much monetarily, we were very rich in love. I have 4 brothers, two older, two younger than myself. My oldest brother, Harold, lives outside of Dallas, TX. My next to the oldest brother, Don, was an ordain United Methodist pastor also. He died a week after turning 60 with pancreatic cancer. The brother right under me, Steven, is also an ordained United Methodist pastor. My baby brother, Greg, was tragically killed in an automobile accident at the age of 20. My mother was a Simpson and was born into a family that had 17 children.

After graduating Waverly Central High School in 1976, I decided to work for a while. I then started to college to only quit after a short period. I met Rhonda in 1978 on a blind date set up by a former girlfriend. We dated for 3 1/2 years and married on August 1, 1981. We have two wonderful children, Ryne, who attended college on a baseball scholarship only to see his dream cut short by an accident to his hand. He later accepted the call to preach and is currently serving Wartrace/Normandy UMC. He will be moving to a new appointment to Wyatt's Chapel Charge in Dover, Tennessee. He and his wife, Kim, who is a preacher's/housewife, have three beautiful children, Riley, Logan and Riannan. They are my rays of sunshine. Our daughter Chelsea attended college getting her degree in Elementary Education. She now teaches 3rd grade at Stewartsboro Elementary in Smyrna, Tennessee. She and her husband, Curtis, who is a mechanical engineer at Lochinvar in Lebanon, make their home in Smyrna. They are members of Lavergne 1st UMC. I thank God for my wonderful family.

I returned to college after marriage when I accepted the call to ministry attending APSU, Martin Methodist College and Emory University (Candler School of Theology). It was hard doing this and trying to pastor, be a father/husband and a student, but I made it. In fact, in my undergraduate degree, I graduated with a 3.81 GPA. I have been pastoring churches in the Tennessee Conference since 1984. I was ordained in 1992 as an Associate Member in the Tennessee Conference.

Being a minister sometimes is taxing as it requires a lot of time away from your family, being called out at a lot of hours for emergencies, sitting with families during surgeries, counseling, (I've even had my life threatened), etc. But through it all, it is worth it for God has allowed me to be a part of many people's lives. I have baptized babies and adults. I have helped people to come into a relationship with Christ as He has worked through me. I have performed weddings, buried faithful members and helped people put the pieces back together of broken lives and marriages. I have laughed with many, cried with many and wouldn't take anything for those times I've been blessed with.

My goal in life is to help people to come into a relationship with Christ and allowing them to experience His presence in a way that they grow stronger in their faith every day. I am here to please God and the calling that He placed on my life only. It is my hope that each person I come into contact with will discover that I love the Lord and will love the people of the church I pastor.

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