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Youth Program 2016

We begin with a humble request for prayers for the Youth of our church and for our Youth Program.

Next, we would like to advise you that our program will involve a wide variety of activities. This means that people with a lot of different skills and interests may be able to find a place in our youth programs.

A major factor in our Youth Program continues to be our efforts to follow Safe Sanctuary guidelines for Christ United Methodist Church and the Tennessee Conference of the United Methodist Church. Safe Sanctuary refers to the guidelines which must be followed to prevent abuse or exploitation of children and youth. These guidelines often dictate that a minimum number of adults must be present at youth activities. This means that our call for volunteers must begin in earnest. It also means that we do not necessarily need volunteers to plan and organize classes and activities. Often, we just need adults who are willing to be present at youth events.
Our church has been, through the years, quite cooperative financially with the Youth Program. We do, however, see costs rising. Many Conference events take quite a bit of money in order to participate and we often serve youth whose families do not have the means to contribute much. Please consider contributing to the Youth Fund or sponsoring one of our youth for a specific event as we make needs known to the church.

Please consider picking up a form at the church and see if there is something that you would consider volunteering to do. Things such as:
  1. Teach a Youth class during Sunday School or Wonderful Wednesday Program
  2. Set up and show a video during Sunday School or Wonderful Wednesday Program
  3. Attend Youth Program during Sunday School or Wonderful Wednesday
  4. Assist youth in cooking a Wonderful Wednesday Meal
  5. Coach youth in preparing for and participating in a volleyball tournament
  6. Help youth learn devotional songs
  7. Coach a youth drama team
  8. Become a member of the Youth Council
  9. Participate in a Saturday work day for youth (at church or local service project)
  10. Participate in overnight or weekend youth trips
There are many ways you can help our Youth Program. Please pray on it and search your heart. Forms are available at the church to help you decide how you can best serve.

Please keep checking back for updates.

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